We are looking for citizens to participating in this project helps young players (but not only them of course) to earn some erep CC (Local Currency). Earnings are different and they hesitate depending on voter activity and of course on numbers of orders. Earnings can reach up to 3k – 4k per week or more

What exactly is VS? the system is very simple – you just have to register on website here where orders are awaiting for implementation. Orders rely on voting or subscribing articles in eRepublik newspapers.

Earning money in that way doesn’t require a lot of time and if we look how long we’ve to spend on erepublik after recently changes, the time that we need to vote is really not much. 5 minutes a day is enough to earn around 100 – 200 cc.

Primary requirements to participate in voters club is:
– To have account in erepublik
– To register in voters system http://www.voters-club.com/Register.aspx and to put there link to our erepublik citizen profile.
– And, of course, voting and subscribing articles.

Additionally we also have our channel (#voters) in Rizon IRC, where we can see statements about new orders as soon as they’re given, awaiting to be done, and thanks to it we can vote/sub faster. Its really significant when there are orders for 50 votes, which can disappear really fast.